May 30

LAIT 4.0: Learning Advanced Industrial Technologies 4.0 to upgrade the skills of VET teachers as drivers of innovation in SMEs

Some teachers of APRO Digital & Technology sector attended last May a short intensive training course on industry 4.0. at the research centre Fundación Tekniker, one of the leading European technology centers located in the Basque Countries. In the field of the Erasmus + project LAIT 4.0, our partner IK4 Tekniker trained 20 teachers from Spain, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Italy in order to update their knowledge and skills related to industry 4.0.

Schools and VET centres must know and understand the elements of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and they need to integrate into their training offer the innovative aspects it represents.

During the implementation of the project, the partners will transfer the knowledge they acquired in additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, Internet of things platforms, big data and implementation of technological check-ups in companies to other 50 teachers around Europe and about 1500 students will benefit from the updated competences of their teachers.
Cooperation with companies is an essential part of the LAIT 4.0 project. Twenty companies will be involved in the project and will work with teachers to develop the Industry of the future.

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